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Protect your dealership in real-time with driver’s license validation and data protection.

Empowering Dealerships with real-time identity verification and data protection in the palm of their hands.

In today’s digital age, identity theft poses a significant risk, particularly in the automotive industry. QuickScan, developed by 700Credit, is a cutting-edge ID verification app designed to combat this risk by providing dealerships with real-time validation of a customer’s identification. This solution is not only essential for in-store authentications but proves invaluable for online purchases and remote deliveries, ensuring that every transaction is secure and every customer is genuinely who they claim to be.

And while smartphones and smart devices are vital tools for your sales staff, they pose an significant security and compliance risk if not used properly.  QuickScan eliminates the dangerous practice of saving customer ID pictures on their devices, where they are then transferred electronically via highly insecure methods, like email and text.  When scanned with QuickScan, nothing is saved to the salesperon’s device and the ID is securely, and automatically, transferred to your DMS where it becomes part of the customer record.


Want to learn more about the QuickScan ID scanning app? Watch the video above to see how QuickScan can help with security & compliance.

Combat the Ever Growing Threat of Identity Theft in the Automotive Industry

Automotive dealerships have witnessed a significant rise in identity theft incidents, with methods to impersonate legitimate buyers only getting more sophisticated with recent advances in technology, like the emergence of artificial intelligence.  Identity theft causes significant financial damage, costing billions annually across various industries, with the automotive sector being heavily impacted due to the high-value transactions.

And with the growth in popularity of digital transactions and remote deliveries, attempts at identity theft have become increasingly common.  Technologies like QuickScan are vital in combating these threats by providing reliable and secure identity verification solutions.

QuickScan puts everything you need to combat identity theft right in the palm of your hand.

QuickScan is designed to be a comprehensive identity verification solution that makes it simple and efficient for dealerships to prevent identity fraud during vehicle transactions. The app’s streamlined interface guides customers through a secure process where they can easily upload images of their identification and take a real-time selfie.

This initiates a robust authentication procedure that integrates a comprehensive suite of verification technologies, each designed to ensure the security and authenticity of customer identities during transactions:

Dealer Benefits

  • Enhances fraud prevention
  • Improves operational efficiency
  • Increases customer trust
  • Ensures a smooth customer verification process
  • Facilitates data-driven decision making
  • Helps maintain regulatory compliance
  • Aids in targeted marketing and personalized follow-ups
  • First 90 days are FREE!  No risk to try!

Identifications Supported

The QuickScan application is able to verify all major forms of identification, including:

Standard Drivers License

State Identification Cards

Territory ID's

US Passports & Cards

  • Document verification confirms the authenticity of physical ID documents by checking features and encoded information;
  • Selfie verification with liveliness detection ascertains that the person presenting the ID is indeed present and matches the photo on the document;
  • Synthetic ID fraud detection scrutinizes the information for patterns typical of fabricated identities, aiming to catch frauds crafted from mixed real and fake data;
  • Device verification assesses the security of the customer’s mobile device, checking for any ties to previous fraudulent activities;
  • Front and back validation of the driver’s license compares the printed and barcoded information, enhancing the process by ensuring data consistency across different elements of the ID

Each feature works in concert to provide a multi-angle approach to identity verification, significantly reducing the risk of fraud.

Once the verification is complete, all customer data is securely integrated into the dealership’s DMS automatically. This not only enhances the accuracy of customer records—freeing staff from manual data entry—but also enriches customer profiles, which can be utilized for targeted marketing and personalized customer service. This seamless integration into DMS systems helps dealerships manage relationships more effectively, ensuring customers receive tailored interactions based on accurate and verified information.

QuickScan equips dealerships with a powerful tool that not only fortifies the sales process against identity fraud but also enhances customer relationship management by providing a secure, efficient, and user-friendly platform for identity verification. This technology empowers dealerships to provide a safer purchasing environment, thereby boosting customer confidence and satisfaction.

Best of all, the QuickScan app is FREE to try for 90 days.  There are no contracts and you may cancel at any time.  To take advantage of this offer, click here to contact us today.

QuickScan Features & Highlights

By integrating multiple advanced features, QuickScan provides a robust solution that includes driver’s license scanning,  document verification, selfie verification with liveliness detection, synthetic ID fraud detection, and device verification.

Together, these tools ensure a thorough validation of each customer’s identity from various angles, offering a multi-layered approach to prevent sophisticated fraud attempts. This comprehensive suite not only secures transactions but also streamlines operations, making QuickScan an invaluable asset for any dealership aiming to protect itself and its customers.

Comprehensive Verification Process

QuickScan equips dealerships with state-of-the-art verification features that meticulously scrutinize each aspect of a driver’s license and personal identity. This includes checking against DMV records, synthetic ID fraud detection, and real-time liveliness checks in selfie verification. By ensuring each piece of identification is authentic, QuickScan minimizes the risk of fraudulent transactions, thereby protecting the dealership from potential financial losses and reputational damage.

Improved Efficiency

QuickScan automates the process of data entry by capturing customer details directly from their driver’s licenses into the dealership’s CRM systems. This automation speeds up the sales process, reduces the likelihood of human error, and allows dealership staff to focus more on customer service and less on clerical work. By streamlining these routine tasks, QuickScan significantly enhances operational efficiency.

Increased Customer Trust

Utilizing advanced technology to verify identities not only secures transactions but also builds customer confidence. When customers see that a dealership uses high-tech measures to protect their identity, it elevates the dealership’s reputation as a secure and trustworthy business. This trust is crucial for fostering long-term relationships with customers, essential in the competitive automotive market.

Seamless Customer Experience

QuickScan’s mobile interface is designed for ease of use, allowing customers to complete necessary identity verifications through a few simple steps on their own devices. This hassle-free process enhances the overall customer experience by making it quick and painless to provide necessary documentation, all without the need for physical paperwork.

Data-Driven Decision Making

The integration of QuickScan with CRM systems not only streamlines data collection but also enriches customer profiles with verified information. This comprehensive data allows dealerships to make more informed decisions regarding sales strategies, targeted marketing, and customer relationship management, leading to more effective business operations.

Privacy, Compliance and Security Standards

In today’s regulatory environment, compliance with privacy laws and security regulations is paramount. QuickScan helps dealerships meet these legal requirements by ensuring that all customer data is collected, processed, and stored securely. This not only protects the dealership from legal repercussions but also assures customers that their information is handled responsibly.  QuickScan adheres to stringent security protocols to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory standards, making it a reliable choice for dealerships prioritizing data security.

Detailed Analysis and Reporting

The platform offers detailed insights and status reports through the 700Dealer portal, where dealers can access and review verification results, further aiding in thorough record-keeping and compliance.

Customized Marketing and Follow-ups

With access to accurate and thorough customer data, dealerships can tailor their marketing efforts to better match the preferences and needs of their audience. This personalized approach not only improves the effectiveness of promotional campaigns but also enhances customer engagement and loyalty, leading to increased sales and repeat business.

90 Days Free to Try!

Best of all, the QuickScan app is FREE to try for 90 days.  There are no contracts and you may cancel at any time.

For more information, or to contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation, click here.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Dealerships are Letting Fraud Walk Right Through the Front Door

700Credit’s comprehensive Dealer Fraud Survey, which included responses from over 2,500 dealerships, has unveiled critical lapses in compliance and identity verification processes that could significantly impact dealership security. The findings showed that while half of the surveyed dealerships claim to have a process for validating driver’s licenses, a troubling 52% of these simply rely on photocopies of the documents. Furthermore, less than half of these dealerships consistently follow their own validation processes.

The survey also revealed that only 19% of dealerships are collecting digital copies of licenses, with a mere 8.6% both collecting these copies and validating them. Alarmingly, only 0.6% of respondents go a step further by comparing the licenses against DMV records to ensure their authenticity. This gap in thorough and consistent verification exposes dealerships to higher risks of fraud, as indicated by about one-third of the respondents who reported witnessing 5-15 or more fraudulent attempts on vehicles each month.

These statistics highlight a critical need for enhanced verification solutions that not only comply with privacy regulations and the Safeguard Law but also protect consumer information effectively.  QuickScan not only verifies the authenticity of driver’s licenses digitally but also confirms the identity of the individual through advanced features like address verification, red flag alerts, OFAC compliance, synthetic fraud checks, and DMV database comparisons.

By implementing QuickScan, dealerships can ensure that they are not only adhering to necessary legal and regulatory standards but are also taking proactive steps to combat identity fraud. This tool not only improves the security and efficiency of dealership operations but also enhances customer trust by safeguarding sensitive personal information. Ultimately, QuickScan empowers dealerships to operate more securely and efficiently, turning a potential area of vulnerability into a stronghold of customer confidence and regulatory compliance.

700Credit recently commissioned a study of over 2500 dealerships to understand the processes in place for obtaining copies of driver’s license (from capture to deal jacket storage). The results revealed significant gaps remain for dealers to follow privacy regulations and the Safeguard Law.


A staggeringly low 0.6% said they collect a digital copy, validate the license, and compare it against DMV records.


Only 8.6% collect a digital copy and validate the license.


Approximately 19% of respondents said they collect a digital copy of the license.


A slight majority responded they are only making a photocopy of the license.

A simple, effective process for any dealership.

Implementing QuickScan not only secures the transaction against fraud but also improves operational efficiency and customer experience. This technology ensures that every step from initial contact to post-sale interactions is handled with accuracy and care, leveraging advanced technology to build trust and satisfaction.

1. Initiating QuickScan

The QuickScan process can be initiated on the salesperson’s phone or a link can be sent to the customer, either at the dealership or a remote location, and the customer can complete the process on their own device wherever they are located.

2. Upload & Capture

The customer follows prompts to capture and upload images of their identification and a live selfie.  The use of selfie verification with liveliness detection ensures that the identity is verified in real-time, preventing identity theft.

3. Verification

QuickScan analyzes the documents and selfie for authenticity, checking against document fraud & synthetic ID fraud.  Comprehensive checks, including driver’s license validation with the DMV, enhance the reliability of the identity verification.

4. Integration

Once the verified, all data is automatically captured and securely transferred into the dealership’s DMS system, ensuring that the customer data is accurately recorded while a new lead is generated for follow-up in the sales pipeline.

QuickScan Verification Methods

QuickScan offers a robust set of verification methods that form a comprehensive approach to ensuring that the identity of the person engaging in a transaction is verified thoroughly and from multiple angles.

Take a moment to learn more about these verification methods and how they are used to validate the customer’s identity.

Driver's License and Document Verification

This feature ensures that the driver’s license or any other government-issued ID presented is legitimate. It involves checking the physical security features of the document, such as holograms and barcodes, and validating that they meet the required standards and specifications for such documents.

Front & Back Driver's License Validation

This aspect of the verification process involves scanning both the front and back of the driver’s license. The front of the license typically contains personal details printed on the card, while the back often includes a magnetic stripe or barcode that stores encoded data. QuickScan checks to ensure that the information on both sides is consistent and valid, thereby confirming the document’s authenticity.

Selfie Verification and Liveliness Detection

To verify that the individual conducting the transaction is the same person whose ID is being used, QuickScan includes a selfie verification process. This involves the user taking a live photo (selfie) which is then compared using facial recognition technology against the photo on the ID. Liveliness detection ensures the person in the selfie is present and real (not a photo or video), preventing spoofing or identity theft through the use of photographs or masks.

Synthetic ID Fraud Detection

Synthetic identity fraud involves the creation of a new, fake identity using a combination of real and fabricated information. QuickScan detects potential synthetic identities by analyzing the data for anomalies that typically do not match genuine records, such as unusual credit profiles or mismatched personal information.

Identity Verification Check

This final check confirms the overall validity of the identity by cross-referencing the provided information against public and private databases. This includes checking the name, address, and other personal details to ensure they are real and associated with the individual.

Device Verification

This feature focuses on verifying the device from which the identity verification is being performed. It checks if the device has been associated with any fraudulent activities or possesses any security risks such as being jailbroken or rooted, which could compromise the verification process.

For more information, or to contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation, click here.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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