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Uncover Leads with Strategic Credit Monitoring

Drive Your Sales Forward – Harness the Power of Credit Intelligence with Quick Prospect Renewal

Are you maximizing the potential of your dealership’s customer data to boost sales? Discover how credit monitoring can transform your dealership into a powerhouse of precision-targeted sales opportunities. With Quick Prospect Renewal, tap into a wealth of insights hidden within your database, harnessing information from past interactions to identify when customers are most likely to make a purchase. Keep reading to explore how integrating this innovative tool with your existing systems can create timely, compelling offers that convert interest into sales, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving up your dealership’s success.


Extracting the Hidden Value of your Customer Database with Quick Prospect Renewal

Credit monitoring is an invaluable tool for businesses across various industries to manage risk, improve financial strategies, maximize sales, and enhance customer relationships. Unlike individual credit monitoring, which primarily focuses on protecting personal credit health and detecting fraud, business credit monitoring revolves around assessing the creditworthiness of partners, suppliers, and customers. 

For automotive dealerships, credit monitoring takes on a strategic sales tool role. Dealerships can now utilize this capability to keep tabs on the credit activities of their existing customer base as well as potential customers who have previously engaged with the dealership in some capacity.  This could be customers who didn’t purchase a vehicle (for any reason), service department customers, or any other contact that exists in your database. By monitoring credit, dealerships can identify when a customer is ready to benefit from improved credit scores or act on other changes to their credit file. This timely information allows dealerships to proactively reach out with personalized, appealing offers right when customers are most ready to make purchasing decisions.

The Quick Prospect Renewal program from 700Credit transforms your customer database, turning water into wine.

Quick Prospect Renewal leverages the extensive customer data available in dealership databases, tracking real-time credit activities through its connection with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and DMS (Dealer Management Systems). When a potential sales trigger is detected, such as a significant improvement in a customer’s credit score or the nearing end of a car lease, Quick Prospect Renewal alerts the dealership. This enables the sales team to offer tailored financing options or timely promotions, effectively converting more leads into sales by engaging customers at the peak of their buying potential.

Discover how Quick Prospect can redefine your sales approach and help you tap into a steady stream of qualified buyers. Contact us for more information and see firsthand the impact of effective credit monitoring on your dealership’s success.

Dealer Benefits

  • Enhanced Sales Targeting
  • Increased Conversion Rates
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Automated Alerts
  • ROI Measurement
  • Customer Retention
  • Market Advantage
  • Streamlined Operations

Monitoring Buckets

  • Customers who are actively in the market to buy
  • Individuals who were previously denied financing
  • Interest rate reduction opportunities for trade-in/trade-up
  • Customers with high equity available for a trade-in
  • Shoppers whose credit history includes BK filings and/or discharges
  • Individuals who current leases are up for renewal

Quick Prospect Features & Highlights

Quick Prospect harnesses the power of advanced credit monitoring to offer a host of benefits designed to elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of auto dealerships.

These benefits include enhanced sales targeting through real-time credit monitoring, increased conversion rates via timely customer alerts, and cost-efficient marketing directed at high-potential leads.

Additionally, automated alerts keep your sales team informed of significant changes in customer credit profiles, while ROI measurement tools help quantify the impact of your marketing strategies. The program enables your dealership to offer highly personalized deals, giving your dealership a competitive edge in the market.

All this is done through a seamless integration with your existing CRM and DMS systems, ensuring smooth operations and data-driven customer interactions.

Real-Time Credit Monitoring

Keep a pulse on your customers’ credit changes as they happen, ensuring you never miss a sales opportunity.

Enhanced Sales Targeting

Leverage real-time credit monitoring to pinpoint customers who are actively seeking a new car or are financially poised to make a purchase. This precision targeting reduces the scattergun approach of broad marketing campaigns, allowing for more personalized engagement.

Increased Conversion Rates

By receiving timely alerts when a customer’s financial situation improves, dealerships can tailor their offers to meet the buyer’s current needs, significantly boosting the likelihood of a sale. This proactive approach helps convert interest into sales more effectively than general advertising.

Cost Efficiency

Focus marketing resources on individuals who have shown a propensity to engage with your dealership. This reduces unnecessary spending on wide-reaching campaigns that fail to deliver results, ensuring marketing budgets are spent on high-potential leads.

Automated Alerts

Get instant notifications when there are significant changes in a customer’s credit profile, such as improvements in credit scores or completion of a lease term. This ensures that sales teams can act quickly, maintaining a timely connection with potential buyers.

ROI Measurement

Utilize detailed reports and analytics to measure the success of targeted marketing campaigns. These insights help quantify the return on investment, showcasing how effectively the Quick Prospect Renewal system converts leads into sales and profits.

Customer Retention

Engage previous and current customers with opportunities that are specifically suited to their changing financial circumstances. This personalized approach not only enhances customer satisfaction but also fosters brand loyalty, encouraging repeat business.

Market Advantage

Stay ahead in the competitive auto sales industry by adopting advanced credit monitoring technology. This tool allows dealerships to anticipate customer needs, offering a significant advantage over competitors who do not use such sophisticated tools.

Streamlined Operations

Quick Prospect integrates seamlessly with existing CRM and DMS platforms, making it easy to manage customer data and marketing efforts without disrupting daily operations. This integration ensures that all customer interactions are informed by the latest data, making every touchpoint more effective and efficient.

For more information, or to contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation, click here.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Unlock your CRM with Quick Prospect Renewal & release the power of your customer data.

Automotive, powersports, and RV dealerships sit atop a mountain of customer data, accumulated through various interactions—sales, service visits, inquiries, and even unsuccessful transactions. Each interaction leaves a digital footprint, providing a rich repository of customer information that, when analyzed effectively, reveals valuable insights into customer behavior and financial readiness.

Quick Prospect Renewal harnesses this vast database, integrating seamlessly with your dealership’s existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Dealer Management System (DMS) platforms. This integration allows Quick Prospect Renewal to mine and analyze data continuously, scanning for significant changes in credit activity that signal sales opportunities. Whether it’s an improvement in a customer’s credit score, nearing the end of a car lease, or changes in loan payment status, each of these signals can indicate an ideal time to engage or re-engage with a customer.

By effectively tapping into this underutilized data, Quick Prospect Renewal turns your CRM and DMS systems into powerful tools that not only predict when a customer is most likely to purchase but also help tailor offers to their specific financial situations. This not only improves the efficiency of your marketing campaigns but also enhances customer satisfaction by delivering personalized experiences that meet their current needs. In doing so, Quick Prospect Renewal ensures that your dealership’s sales strategies are as informed and effective as possible, leveraging data-driven insights to drive sales and foster lasting customer relationships.

Quick Prospect Monitoring Buckets

Quick Prospect Renewal enhances your dealership’s ability to identify and engage potential buyers through a system of carefully defined monitoring buckets. Each bucket represents a specific category of customer credit activity or status, allowing for highly targeted marketing efforts.

From recognizing customers who may benefit from lower interest rates to identifying those nearing the end of a lease, these buckets help you pinpoint exactly who is most likely to be interested in purchasing a vehicle at any given time.

This strategic approach not only streamlines your outreach but also maximizes the effectiveness of each communication, ensuring that your marketing resources are used efficiently to engage the right customer at the right moment.

Deep Sub-Prime

Focuses on customers with historically lower credit scores (480-549) who have shown recent improvements. This bucket is vital for capturing potential buyers who were previously unfinanceable but now may qualify for financing.

Emerging Credit

Targets individuals who have been denied financing in the past but have since reached a more favorable credit standing (550 FICO and above). This bucket helps in reconnecting with customers who have improved their financial situations.

Customer Shopping

Identifies customers actively seeking new purchases as indicated by recent inquiries. This bucket is crucial for engaging customers at the peak of their buying decision process.

Interest Rate Reduction

Caters to customers who could benefit from trading up or refinancing due to high interest rates on their current loans (10% and higher). This group is likely to appreciate offers that could lower their monthly payments.

Equity Model

Monitors customers who have significant equity in their vehicles (40% or more paid through). These are prime candidates for trade-in offers, as they might be looking to leverage their equity towards a new purchase.

Bankruptcy Filings

Tracks customers who have recently filed for bankruptcy or have been discharged. Engaging these customers can be timely as they often look to reestablish credit and may need vehicle financing as a step in rebuilding their financial health.

Lease Renewal

Focuses on individuals whose leases are expiring within 4-6 months, offering them options to renew or purchase. This bucket is key for retaining customers at the end of their lease terms and encouraging them to consider their next vehicle.

Each of these buckets allows the dealership to tailor their approach based on the specific needs and current financial status of their customers, making marketing efforts more accurate and potentially more effective.

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