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Dealer Dynamics offers a broad range of F&I products for any dealership need.

Our products are designed to fit seamlessly in dealerships of any size.

Dealer Dynamics offers an extensive portfolio of F&I products to accommodate the diverse requirements of franchised and independent clients.  Regardless of your dealership’s size or the types of vehicles you sell, our singular goal is to maximize your dealership’s profitability with competitive products.

Our portfolio includes traditional aftermarket programs, like vehicle service contracts, GAP waivers, and credit insurance, but also introduces new & unique profit opportunities like key replacement, involuntary unemployment insurance and depreciation insurance.

Our team of professionals will work with your dealership to determine which mix of products best compliments your dealership and increases your overall profitability while meeting any special needs your dealership may have.


In choosing F&I products for your dealership, one size definitely does not fit all.

Dealer Dynamics understands running an efficient & profitable dealership is a common goal among our clients, but there is not a single strategy that can be applied to every dealership in reaching this goal.  No two clients are alike.  Our associates understand helping our clients reach this objective means truly understanding your unique needs and how our products & services can be leveraged by your dealership to maximize your efficiency & profitability.  Meeting your goals in a timely, cost-effective manner demands that our associates comprehend not only your dealership environment, but also the individuals and technologies that power it.

Once this understanding is reached and a baseline is established, the Dealer Dynamics team can propose a selection of products & services tailored to your individual dealership needs.  Once this plan is set in motion, we continually evaluate its effectiveness with your team and adjust accordingly.

To learn more about what Dealer Dynamics can do for your dealership, please contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation by clicking here.

Dealership Benefits

  • Dealer Dynamics offers an extensive portfolio of both traditional aftermarket programs and exciting new profit opportunities
  • We take great pride in only selecting products that are backed by insurance companies of the greatest financial strength & reputation
  • Dealer Dynamics will assist you in selecting F&I products that best fit the needs of your dealership
  • Working with your team, we develop a product matrix that maximizes the goals for your F&I department and dealership
  • Our team continues to evaluate the effectiveness of the product matrix and recommends adjustments if needed
  • As new products and profit opportunities are introduced, we alert your dealership and assist in assessing the potential benefits

Choose from an Extensive Portfolio of F&I Products

Clients of Dealer Dynamics have access to an extensive portfolio of F&I aftermarket products.  Even within each product type, there are multiple programs to choose from that best fit the needs of your dealership.

While many of the products listed, like GAP and vehicle service contracts below, are familiar names that have been around for many years, there are also many new & exciting profit opportunities that you may find successful in your dealership.

To learn more about the F&I products we offer, like providers, specific coverages and insurers, please contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation by clicking here.  Our team will work with your dealership to determine the products that fit best with your goals.

Vehicle Service Contracts

Whether you’re an independent dealership that specializes in high mileage pre-owned vehicles or a franchised store looking for alternatives to the high cost factory programs, Dealer Dynamics has a service contract program that will meet your needs.

GAP Waivers & Insurance

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) is another product that has become a fundamental program in the F&I Department.  Dealer Dynamics offers highly competitive GAP programs and even some twists on the now standard program, like Depreciation GAP for cash sales.

Ancillary Products

For many years, most F&I departments were limited by lenders to selling vehicle service contracts, credit insurance and GAP waivers.  This left the sale of ancillary products, like tire protection or key replacement, to be sold to cash customers.  While those restrictions can still exist today, though more so in the form of backend caps, the door has opened to financing these ancillary products when possible.  F&I managers have taken advantage of this to expand their menu offerings to customers and increase department revenues.

The ancillary products below offer clear benefits to your customers while giving your finance department additional options that may stimulate consumer interest that may be lacking on more traditional products.

All-In-One Protection Programs

The All-In-One Protection Plan combines the most popular individual ancillary products into one concise, compelling program.  While the exact product mix can be customized to the dealership’s specifications, the plans typically include the following protections: Tire & Wheel; Dent & Ding; Windshield; and Key Replacement.

Bundling these products creates a more attractive customer cost while each layer of coverage can also be sold individually when desired and without any additional complexity for the F&I Department.  The coverage levels, customer contract and point of sale materials all remain the same regardless of which plans are ultimately sold to the customer.

Alloy Wheel Protection

The Alloy Wheel Protection plan is a specialized wheel program that protects customers against minor damage to their expensive alloy wheels.  Rather than incurring the high cost of replacing wheels with minor damage, any scrapes, scratches and nicks are returned to a like new appearance using state-of-the-art repair techniques.

Appearance Protection

Appearance Protection Programs can help your customers keep their vehicles looking showroom new for years to come.  These programs protect the exterior paint against fading, chalking, loss of gloss, tree sap, and bird debris while protecting the paint, fabric, carpet, vinyl and leather of the interior against minor rips, tears, burns, stains and spills.

Customer Appreciation Programs

Every year, automobile dealers spend millions of dollars asking consumers to purchase their next vehicle at their dealership. But besides price and reputation, what else are you advertising to make sure those customers buy from your store and not a competitor down the street for a few dollars less?  Our fully customizable Customer Appreciation Program creates a compelling story for your salespeople to tell a customer and a clear, tangible reason to choose your dealership over a competitor. 

Dent & Ding Protection

Dent Protection programs cover small dents and dings, typically around 4 inches or less, by utilizing paint-less dent repair, which was developed for the auto industry by manufacturing teams utilizing special tools & techniques to push dented metal back to its original form.  Repairs can be completed at home, at the office, or at the dealership, often with no limit on the number of repairs during the term of the policy.

Depreciation GAP

­Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) has been an incredibly successful product, both for its low cost and the high value it provides consumers.  Until recently, the sale of GAP was limited to finance transactions.  With the introduction of Depreciation GAP, dealerships now have a unique way to generate F&I income from customers purchasing their vehicles with cash.  Better yet, the benefits only apply when the customer purchases their replacement vehicle from your dealership and the benefit is applied directly to the purchase price of the replacement vehicle.

Identity Theft Protection

With over 8 million Americans being victims of identity theft last year and the use of social media sites making you twice as likely to experience identity theft, it is easy to see why Identity Theft Protection products have become increasingly popular with consumers.  Your dealership can offer customers plans that recover their identities in the event of theft and monitor them for further fraud for an additional 12 months.

Key Replacement

Vehicles on the road today are exponentially more advanced than cars from only a decade ago.  The same holds true even for the keys, which now incorporate computer chips for remote locking, remote starting, and even vehicle diagnostic data.  If a key needs to be replaced, it is very expensive to purchase the replacement and then labor for programming.  Key Replacement programs protect your customers against the unexpected high cost of lost or stolen keys.

Lifetime Engine Warranty

The Lifetime Engine Warranty will protect your customer’s vehicle from the moment they leave the lot until they no longer own the vehicle.  The warranty provides protection against engine failure, including all internally lubricated parts of the engine.  In addition, there is zero dollar deductible and the customer is eligible for rental car reimbursement up to six days per covered mechanical breakdown.  The Lifetime Engine Warranty makes an outstanding dealership sponsored giveaway with the sale of a pre-owned vehicle.

Prepaid Maintenance

A Prepaid Maintenance plan will help your customers insure they are maintaining their vehicle properly with regular servicing while driving more traffic to your service department.  The customer pre-pays for regular oil and oil filter changes, which allows them to save money by scheduling future check-ups and services at today’s rates, but ensures those customers become your service customers.  With more and more competition from quick lubes and other dealerships, pre-paid maintenance becomes a valuable customer retention tool for your sales & service strategy.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance programs provide your customers with peace of mind during their travels by providing full 24-hour coverage, 365 days a year, anywhere in the United States. Roadside assistance benefits include towing; battery service; flat tire assistance; fuel, oil, fluid & water delivery; and lockout service.  These programs are sign & drive, requiring no out-of-pocket expense for the customer and cover the vehicle, so they are not restricted to one driver.  With no maximum number of occurrences during the term of the contract and emergency travel expense reimbursements, the Roadside Assistance program makes for a compelling addition to your F&I menu.

Theft Deterrent

In the United States and Canada, vehicles are stolen at a rate of one every 40 seconds. Vehicles are stolen from grocery stores, shopping malls and parking garages every day.  The Theft Protection program offers your customers a theft deterrent and identification system, helping to minimize their loss.  The vehicle is permanently marked with identification codes, which are listed in national law enforcement databases.  This vehicle marking deters vehicle theft and aides in recovery.  In the event the vehicle is not recovered, the customer is eligible for up to a $5,000 benefit towards the purchase of their next vehicle.

Wheel & Tire Protection

Every day, wheels and tires are damaged by commonplace road hazards like potholes, nails, glass, and other debris littering our roadways.  Wheel & Tire Protection can help eliminate the hassle and expense for your customers when they need to repair or replace a wheel or tire when they encounter one of these hazards on their daily commute.  The plan will cover repair or replacement, including mounting/balancing and taxes.  There is no limit on occurrences during the term of the contract, no mileage limitations and no deductible.

Windshield Protection

8 million windshields are replaced annually in this country and if a windshield gets damaged, even a small nick can turn into a big problem. Windshield Protection plans cover front windshield repair and/or replacement of damage from chips and cracks caused by rocks and other road debris.  These plans ensure that your customers can get their windshield repaired conveniently and at no cost.

We only represent products backed by the strongest insurers because your dealership, and your customers, should never have to settle for less.

Dealer Dynamics takes great pride in selecting products that are backed by insurance companies of the greatest financial strength & reputation, providing your dealership, and your customers, the financial security you and they deserve.  When we review a new program, we ask ourselves a simple question.  Would we trust this insurance company to provide life insurance to our own families?  If our family shouldn’t have to settle for less, why should your dealership and customers?  All of the products we propose for sale at your dealership meet these stringent requirements.

Do your homework when selecting an F&I product by researching the insurance company that underwrites the program.

When selecting an aftermarket product for your dealership, be sure to do your homework.  Once you determine who insures the program, research their financial strength & history with a respected third-party source, like A.M. Best.

For example, the A.M. Best report shown in the example is for Old Republic Insurance Company, which is the insurer for some programs we represent.  A.M. Best rates Old Republic as “A+ (Superior)”, which is their highest rating.  Furthermore, they place their financial size at “XV ($2 Billion or greater)” with a “Stable” outlook. 

A.M. Best Report

When selecting an aftermarket product for your dealership, be sure to do your homework.  Once you determine who insures the program, research their financial strength & history with a respected third-party source, like A.M. Best.

Products your service department will love.

Unfortunately, many dealerships have found out the hard way that programs that are too good to be true are just that.  From cheap rates to unrealistic eligibility guidelines, these programs eventually become a nightmare for your service department.  With issues like non-covered components, hidden limits of liability, less than retail labor rates, or slow claims payment, poorly administered and disingenuous programs can have a severe impact on your reputation.

Dealer Dynamics will always steer your dealership towards programs that best protect your customers and your reputation.  By not only working with your sales team but also your service department, we make sure the program you choose is meeting the goals of all your departments.

Want to learn more?  Contact us today.

For more information about Dealer Dynamics’ products & services or for any questions you may have, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

For additional contact methods, including our telephone numbers and email addresses, please visit our contact page by clicking here.

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