1st Quarter 2024 Wisconsin Market Data Now Live!

The 1st Quarter 2024 Wisconsin Automotive Market Data is now available to review by our registered members!  Remember, membership to our site is completely FREE and no payment information is required to enroll. To learn more about Auto Insight and...
The October 2021 edition of Plain Dealing has been released by the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

The current edition of Plain Dealing discusses the following topics:

• Updated Motorcycle Buyers Guide
• Dealer processing training available
• Markups above MSRP
• Vehicle pricing and dealer add-ons
• Canadian vehicle trade-ins
• Road America and Versiti special plates
• Quarterly report
• FIU enforcement actions list

Click here to view the current issue!

To view past issues of Plain Dealing, visit the DOT web site by clicking here.

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