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According to the NADA, over 50% of front-end gross in a franchised store is created in the Finance Department.

No F&I department?  Let’s change that today.

The fact franchised dealers generate a significant portion of their income from the finance department is hardly news.  Many independent owners come from the franchised space and understand the importance of a Finance Department.  Even those who didn’t still understand the profit opportunity and, more importantly, the ability to deliver more vehicles when equipped with more finance options.  Unfortunately, for many dealerships, having a true Finance Department can be a difficult proposition.

First and foremost, finding an experienced, capable, and affordable Finance Manager willing to work at a pre-owned dealership can prove to be difficult.  For others, sourcing lenders willing to work with their dealership becomes a major hurdle.  Then there are all the other considerations, like sorting through all the legal compliance, properly equipping a department, and even finding space in the dealership for another office.  Ultimately, building a true finance department that nets these types of gains becomes too difficult and cost prohibitive, leaving your dealership at a disadvantage.

eFinanceDepartment provides your dealership a turnkey solution to these problems by being your Finance Department.  We have the personnel, the expertise, the process and the lenders to help your dealership experience the next level of profitability.


Is your dealership maximizing the sale of every vehicle?


As retail grosses continue to erode, F&I income is increasingly vital to a dealership’s overall profitability. eFinanceDepartment maximizes the sale of every vehicle by generating F&I profit without the complications typically associated with a traditional F&I office.

With the eFinanceDepartment program, your dealership outsources your finance & insurance needs to our experienced, professional finance managers who will maximize your dealership’s profitability on each and every deal. The simple process is designed to work at a dealership of any size and experience level.

The process begins when you dealership submits a deal to the eFinanceDepartment team, who then places it with the proper lender based on the customer’s credit-worthiness.  Upon approval of the deal, our finance managers will contact the customer, explain the terms of the loan, solicit any additional aftermarket products and finalize the transaction. Once completed, your dealership will be notified and the deal will be available online for printing, which can be accomplished by any user with basic computer skills.  After delivery, the dealership submits the paperwork to lender and is funded directly for the loan.

eFinanceDepartment is a turnkey solution that, even in the first week, will provide your dealership with the financial impact of more dollars per delivery.  To learn more about eFinanceDepartment, contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation by clicking here.

Dealership Benefits

  • Dealer Dynamics has been providing remote finance department services since 2003
  • Maximize the sale of every vehicle by capturing previously unseen F&I profit dollars
  • Avoid burden of employing finance managers, maintaining legal compliance, and properly equipping a department
  • Free up existing dealer personnel acting as surrogate finance managers to focus on sales
  • As the department and your dealership grows, transition from eFinanceDepartment to our OnSite program or your own department with our help

Program Features & Highlights

Learn more about the features and highlights of eFinanceDepartment.

For more information, or to contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation, click here.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Remote F&I service for both franchised and independent dealerships

The eFinanceDepartment program isn’t just for independents.  All the issues that plaque independents in creating and maintaining a high-level Finance Department are also problems at many small to mid-sized franchised dealerships.

Access to a team of professional finance managers

Sourcing, hiring, training, and retaining a seasoned, professional Finance Manager can prove to be very difficult.  eFinanceDepartment totally eliminates those issues by providing access to not just one, but multiple Finance Managers with no day off or demo required.

Insure legal compliance for your dealership

Helping sell more cars and creating a revenue stream for the dealership are very important, but so is doing it in the proper manner.  Part of our role is making sure your dealership is following State and Federal guidelines so you get to keep the money you make.

Equipping your store with the tools you need to succeed

Using our proprietary DigitalDashboard Dealer Management Software, your dealership has all the tools you need to run a successful Finance Department.  Deals can be submitted electronically and printed with the click of a button.  Our system goes so far as to print sample sheets along with your deal paperwork so everyone knows where to sign!

Introducing new lenders to your dealership

Your dealership can have the most talented Finance Manager, high-tech software and finest products around, but without the right lender relationships, you might as well close the doors.  eFinanceDepartment works with numerous lenders and looks forward to introducing them to your dealership.

eFinanceDepartment employs a simple, yet effective process

In a few east steps, your sales team can be sending deals to eFinanceDepartment and delivering vehicles.  Once the deal is submitted to eFinanceDepartment, either online or by fax, our Finance Consultants place the loan with the appropriate lender, contact the customer to discuss the terms of the loan & review product options, and notify the dealership the deal is ready for delivery.  Your salesperson simply contacts the customer to schedule delivery, prints the paperwork, has the customer sign, and delivers the vehicle!

A simple, effective process for any dealership.

While anyone can fax a credit app to a list of lenders, running a finance department that is knowledgeable, staffed effectively, efficient, compliant and profitable is a challenge.  Since 2003, Dealer Dynamics has refined our eFinanceDepartment process to manage all that complexity behind the scenes while providing dealerships with a simple, efficient process that yields outstanding profitability.

1. Submit Deal

Upon the sale of a vehicle, your salesperson submits the completed purchase contract & credit application to eFinanceDepartment.  The deal can be submitted electronically or even faxed to the finance team.

2. Place Loan

Based on the customer’s credit-worthiness, our Finance Consultants place the loan with the appropriate lender. The dealership is continuously made aware of progress as we work through the decisioning process.

3. Contact Customer

Once funding has been secured, we contact the customer, explain the loan terms, and offer protection products.  We notify the dealership that the loan paperwork is ready for printing and to schedule delivery of the vehicle.

4. Deliver Vehicle

At the dealership, the customer signs the loan documentation and takes delivery of the vehicle.  The dealership then submits the loan documentation to the lender, who directly funds the dealership.

Ready for the next level?  Then you’re ready for OnSite.

Many dealers choose our remote eFinanceDepartment services when beginning their F&I journey.  Given the success & simplicity of that program, many continue down that road of profitability indefinitely.  Other clients eventually decide they would like to transition to a dedicated manager at their store or even make that their first step when partnering with us.  We will support and assist you with any direction you choose.

Unfortunately, when taking this step, dealerships confront the same issues when attempting to source, hire, train, and retain finance managers as they did when choosing the remote finance option.  Oftentimes, they face a revolving door of employees or settle with the half-measure of picking an existing salesperson to fulfill multiple roles.  Usually you’re one employee short of the perfect line-up and overall profitability suffers because of it.

Even if an ideal candidate is found, employees are expensive.  And the greater benefit the employee provides, the bigger the expense.  Today’s business climate demands that you run a lean operation, which makes the investment of an additional employee at this level difficult for many dealerships.

OnSite solves this dilemma by providing an employee for you and has a team to back them up.

Dealer Dynamics had spent years assisting dealerships with their searches for qualified candidates before realizing that by financially partnering with dealerships in staffing these positions, we could deliver better candidates than dealers could by themselves.

After that realization, we developed a new division of our eFinanceDeparment program called OnSite.  With OnSite, we provide a full-time, qualified candidate in your dealership.  The OnSite team member works hand-in-hand with our eFinanceDepartment team to provide your dealership with 24/7 coverage.

Your OnSite team member will work your normal business hours with one day off each week.  Unlike your current staff, however, their day-off will be covered in-person by one of our floating managers.  In addition, any after-hour needs will be handled by our core eFinanceDepartment team.  So, not only are you getting an additional team member, your dealership is getting a day-off manager and total coverage for any other possible gap in coverage that might emerge.

What does the OnSite team member do for my dealership?

Depending on the volume of your store, you will be assigned either a Finance Coordinator or Finance Consultant.  In either scenario, the OnSite team will handle all aspects of your Finance Department.  That includes taking credit apps, discussing finance terms with the customers, selling aftermarket products, handling deliveries and all the associated paperwork.

Both our eFinanceDepartment and OnSite programs give your dealership the opportunity to grow your business at a minimal cost.  To learn more about these programs, contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation by clicking here.

OnSite is a cost-effective way to jumpstart your finance department.

Today’s business climate demands that you run a lean operation & work smart to maximize profit.  The dilemma many dealers face is that they’re always ‘one body’ short of the perfect line-up.  That additional body is often difficult to find and pushes expenses to the breaking point. Our OnSite program provides you with that ‘extra body’ and helps your business grow.

Employee Benefits
Payroll Taxes
OnSite Program
Full-Time OnSite Employee Staffed at the Dealership with 24/7 Support from the OnSite Team
Standard Business Hours with 24/7 Support from OnSite Team
Full In-person Coverage, 6 Days a Week
Continuous Training with Assistance on Every Deal and Routine Site Visits
Monitored Daily by the OnSite Management Team
Traditional Employee
Single Employee
Standard Business Hours
Standard Day-Off
Dealership Responsibility
Dealership Responsibility
Dealership Responsibility
Dealership Responsibility
Dealership Responsibility
$45,000-$100,000 Per Year

Want to learn more?  Contact us today.

For more information about Dealer Dynamics’ products & services or for any questions you may have, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

For additional contact methods, including our telephone numbers and email addresses, please visit our contact page by clicking here.

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