4th Quarter 2023 Wisconsin Market Data Now Live! 

The 4th Quarter 2023 Wisconsin Automotive Market Data is now available to review by our registered members!  Remember, membership to our site is completely FREE and no payment information is required to enroll. To learn more about Auto Insight and...

Dealerships using the DLRdmv Titling & Registration service can now connect electronically with the DigitalDashboard DMS.

Dealer Dynamics is pleased to announce that our DigitalDashboard Dealer Management System is now integrated with the DRLdmv Titling & Registration Service.  DRLdmv is a premier eTitling solution for franchised and independent dealerships. 

Make your delivery process with the DigitalDashboard even more efficient by taking advantage of this new integration.  With a couple clicks, deals can be electronically transmitted to the DLRdmv system within a fraction of the time it would take to input them manually and without the risk of entering incorrect information with double-entry.

About the DigitalDashboard DMS

The DigitalDashboard is a web-based dealer management software (DMS) designed for independent automobile dealerships.  The DigitalDashboard DMS combines multiple dealer-centric applications and partner integrations onto one platform.  It is designed to aide in the profitability and efficiency of an automobile dealership.  Best of all, the DigitalDashboard DMS is a FREE service for active clients of Dealer Dynamics!

More Information

For more information about the DLRdmv Titling and Registration Service, you can visit their web site at  To learn more about our FREE dealer management software, the DigitalDashboard DMS, click here for more information.

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