Warranty Disclosure: Navigating Wisconsin’s Requirements

Recently, I had an interesting email exchange with a dealership client about displaying manufacturer warranty information on the vehicle’s Wisconsin Buyers Guide. Our DigitalDashboard DMS was preventing the dealership from displaying the remaining...

As we all deal with this health crisis and uncertainty continues to grow, please know there is nothing more important to us than continuing to support our client’s mission. We understand your dealership is facing difficult times and may require additional support to succeed versus just survive. If you find yourself short-staffed or looking to maximize the profit potential of every sale, now more than ever before, please remember our remote F&I department is at your disposal.

Since 2003, our eFinanceDepartment has acted as a remote F&I department for auto dealers in Wisconsin and surrounding states looking to leverage a team of dedicated F&I specialists to provide a first-class experience for their customers while increasing the profitability of their dealerships.

As we navigate this crisis, many highlights of our eFinanceDepartment program are even more beneficial to the current environment.

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Whether you need help every day during this upheaval, during a period you’ve lost staff due to illness or just need help on an existing manager’s day off, we can be your fill-in F&I manager and have you covered. With eFinanceDepartment OnDemand, our schedule with your store can be anywhere from one day a week to cover a day-off or full-time, just let us know when you need us.

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After you submit a deal to our team, the F&I process is handled entirely over the phone. This is how we’ve always done it, to maximum result. It also means less face-to-face contact in your dealership without sacrificing profit.

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Once the deal is set and your customer understands the terms of the loan, the deal can be downloaded by the customer and printed at home. Alternatively, the deal can be mailed to the customer. They simply drop off the paperwork when getting the keys to their new vehicle. Or, if you still prefer, it can printed at the dealership for the customer to sign at delivery.

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With the measures everyone is taking, we hope this will be a short-lived period of time for our country and industry. If it’s over soon and you no longer need our remote finance services, that’s not a problem. Use us only for as long as you need us.

For more information about our eFinanceDepartment program and selective scheduling with OnDemand, please visit us on the web at, email us at, or call at (262) 754-4070.

At the end of the day, we are all in this together. If you require any of our services to help weather this storm, please know we are here to assist you at any time.

Best Regards,

Dealer Dynamics and the eFinanceDepartment Team

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