DigitalDashboard DMS is now integrated with the DLRdmv Titling & Registration Service

Dealerships using the DLRdmv Titling & Registration service can now connect electronically with the DigitalDashboard DMS. Dealer Dynamics is pleased to announce that our DigitalDashboard Dealer Management System is now integrated with the...

With Carbly®, your smartphone just got a whole lot smarter.

Better vehicle appraisals mean more profit for your dealership and no one helps you do appraisals better than Carbly®. Seemingly endless access to data is expected nowadays, but all the data in the world doesn’t matter if it isn’t aggregated in a way that helps you do your job better and more efficiently. Carbly® combines all your existing market data sources, like NADA, Black Book® & KBB, along with others you might not be taking advantage of, like Real Retail and Live Local Market, to give you an ultra-fast vehicle appraisal app that is both affordable and the best at what it does.


Offer your customers a free three-month trial subscription to SiriusXM® at no cost to your dealership!

The SiriusXM Pre-Owned Program gives customers purchasing vehicles factory-equipped with satellite radio a FREE* 3-Month All Access Trial Subscription, courtesy of your dealership and SiriusXM. Your customers will get a 3-Month Trial Subscription in their car, on the app, at home and online with over 150 channels, including ad-free music plus sports, news, talk and entertainment at absolutely no cost to the Dealership! It’s the kind of added value your customers are looking for when buying a pre-owned vehicle. The program is available on all Pre-Owned vehicles factory-equipped with SiriusXM regardless of manufacturer.


CUDL’s proprietary platform makes it easier than ever to access pre-approvals, increase processing speed, and get quicker loan decisions.

The newest version of the CUDL platform is the fastest, most efficient way to tap into the nation’s largest network of over 1,000 credit union leaders. Powered by leading-edge technology and designed in collaboration with the dealer community, CUDL frees you to do what you do best—sell cars. CUDL provides real-time updates, works seamlessly across multiple devices, pushes notifications via a synced mobile app, and organizes the important details to close the loan and get to the next sale. Simply put, CUDL is the most advanced auto-lending platform in the industry.


Run a CARFAX report from the Digital-Dashboard with the click of a button!

CARFAX has the tools you need! Put the power of CARFAX Vehicle History Reports at your fingertips and know exactly what you’re getting. Reach millions of informed, ready-to-buy shoppers on CARFAX Used Car Listings. Remove the biggest barrier to a sale – doubt – by taking advantage of our respected brand and trusted CARFAX report.


700Credit focuses on delivering the most robust, bureau-inclusive credit, compliance, prescreen and consumer pre-qualification solutions on the market today.

700Credit is the automotive industry leader in delivering the most robust, bureau-inclusive credit, compliance, prescreen and consumer pre-qualification solutions on the market today. We offer powerful yet simple access to all of the information you need about your customers so you can make the right funding decisions, while keeping a close eye on compliance.

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Did you say free? Yes, FREE!

The DigitalDashboard is a web-based dealer management software (DMS) designed for independent automobile dealerships.  The DigitalDashboard DMS combines multiple dealer-centric applications and partner integrations onto one platform.  It is designed to aide in the profitability and efficiency of an automobile dealership.  Best of all, the DigitalDashboard DMS is a FREE service for active clients of Dealer Dynamics!

The DigitalDashboard DMS was designed with a simple, intuitive interface that can be grasped by users of any skill level.  So whether giving your dealership the ability to laser print buyers guides or managing your online inventory, it’s designed to make these tasks as simple and efficient as possible.  The DigitalDashboard can be used in its entirety as a full dealership management software or you may pick & choose individual modules as needed.

For almost thirty years, the Dealer Dynamics team has worked closely with independent dealerships and has used that experience to develop powerful, user friendly applications that address their fundamental needs & desires.  The DigitalDashboard DMS is the culmination of that effort and continues to be enhanced with those goals in mind.

Dealership Benefits

  • The DigitalDashboard DMS is FREE to active clients of Dealer Dynamics
  • Web-based with unlimited number of users and locations
  • Packed with features, but only use the modules your dealership needs
  • Integrated sales tools, like F&I menus, that will increase profitability
  • Extensive list of partner integrations, like 700Credit, DealerTrack, CUDL & CarFax, that will make your process more efficient
  • Print impressive, professional documents that outshine franchised dealerships

The tools you want at a price you can afford… FREE!

From key integrations with industry leading partners to simple tools like laser printing hang tags, the DigitalDashboard DMS provides a wide range of modules your dealership can choose to make part of your process.  Our goal, with these tools, is to help you make that process as efficient as possible.

Learn more about the core modules below, but also take some time to explore the myriad of additional features listed to the right.  You can choose to use as many or as few of these features as you like.

To learn more about the DigitalDashboard DMS or for access to the online demo, please contact us today by clicking here.

Inventory & Customer Management

The DigitalDashboard gives your dealership full Inventory control with multiple inventory statuses, cost tracking and reporting.  Enter vehicles quickly and accurately with the integrated VIN decoder.  Once a vehicle is entered, effortlessly print laser buyers guides, hang tags, used vehicle window stickers, and vehicle condition reports with the CarFax and AutoCheck integrations.  Inventory can pushed to all your internet marketing sites like Autotrader, and

Manage the complete lifecycle of your customers and instantly view purchase history, financial transactions, aftermarket purchases, and service history using the quick contact search.  Stay connected with customers using our iFollowUp service, which sends delivery thank you letters, 6 & 12 month follow-up letters, birthday card, and optional used vehicle survey.

Sales and F&I Management

The road to delivery starts with the DigitalDashboard’s lead management module and reporting that provides crucial insight into your sales team.  Depending on your dealership process, salespeople can be involved in as little or as much of structuring deals before submitting them to the F&I department.  Finance Managers can then take over the deal and quickly submit finance deals electronically to the various lender platforms, including CUDL and DealerTrack.  Once a deal is approved, a custom menu can be printed in seconds and aftermarket products can be rated without error using the integrated RateGuide.  Once the deal is finalized, the entire deal can be laser printed with the click of one button, eliminating the need to ever purchase paper forms again!

Laser Contracts & Forms

In an industry dominated by multi-part forms and dot-matrix impact printers, laser forms come as a breath of fresh air to the automotive dealership. With its sophisticated One Button Printing, the DigitalDashboard prints all deal documentation directly to a duplex laser printer, including the aftermarket products, state required documentation, and finance documents. Laser printing replaces noisy printers and waste of forms with clean, legible documents customers have come to expect in any modern day transaction.

Lender Platform Integrations

The DigitalDashboard is integrated with the leading lending platforms, allowing your users to push deals directly from the DigitalDashboard to those services with the click of a button.  The DigitalDashboard completely eliminates double data-entry, which drastically reduces input time and increases accuracy. Once the deal is transferred, the user only needs to select the applicable lenders and click submit!

Electronic Titling Integrations

Make your delivery process with the DigitalDashboard even more efficient by taking advantage of titling integration.  The DigitalDashboard integrates with the two leading electronic registration and titling services, DealerTrack RTS and CVR.  With a couple clicks, deals can be imported into these systems within a fraction of the time it would take to input manually and without the risk of entering incorrect information with double-entry.

Credit Bureau Integrations

When it is time to pull a customer’s credit bureau, save time and eliminate errors by utilizing the bureau integration built into the DigitalDashboard DMS.  Customer information can be sent electronically to DealerTrack or 700Credit, depending on the platform your dealership uses.

Inventory Integrations

While taking advantage of multiple third-party internet marketing sites, such as and AutoTrader, is critical to your dealership’s success, the practice of doing so is usually time consuming and tedious. Posting your new vehicles and removing your sold vehicles often requires hours of irritating repetition until all your partner sites reflect your current inventory, at least until the next vehicle is sold or your next trip to the auction. The DigitalDashboard eliminates the annoying act of double-entry by uploading your current inventory to all of your third-party internet marketing sites. Any changes made on the DigitalDashboard are made on the third-party sites without any additional user intervention.

Used Vehicle Window Stickers

In partnership with the Wisconsin Automobile & Trucks Dealers Association and Vehicle Details, the DigitalDashboard provides data for printing richly detailed, full-color, and customizable vehicle window stickers and flyers showing trim level options, vehicle specifications, fuel economy, vehicle reviews, vehicle facts, and reasons to buy. Vehicle Details scours industry news and trade publications to find any awards or accommodations, such as Motor Trend Car of the Year or Consumer Guide Recommended Buy, a vehicle has been bestowed, which are then added to the vehicle’s record in their database and printed on the custom stickers & flyers. Provide your salespeople expertise on virtually any vehicle and give your customers reasons to buy now!

Inventory Upload Services

While taking advantage of multiple third-party internet marketing sites, such as and AutoTrader, is critical to your dealership’s success, the practice of doing so is usually time consuming and tedious. Posting your new vehicles and removing your sold vehicles often requires hours of irritating repetition until all your partner sites reflect your current inventory, at least until the next vehicle is sold or your next trip to the auction. Dealer Dynamics eliminates the annoying double-entry by uploading your current inventory from the DigitalDashboard to your dealership website and all of your third-party internet marketing sites. Any changes made on the DigitalDashboard are made on the third party sites without any additional user intervention.


While a key ingredient to building long-term customer relationships, follow-up letters often become the long forgotten task on the dealership or salesperson’s to-do list. iFollowUp solves this problem by facilitating the process of sending follow-up letters on the dealership or salesperson’s behalf. A delivery thank you letter, 6 month follow-up letter, 12 month follow-up letter, birthday card and optional survey are all sent by our corporate office with first class postage on customized, premium letterhead featuring the dealership’s logo & return address and the salesperson’s, or owner’s, picture & scanned signature.

RateGuide Rating Engine

The RateGuide allows dealership personnel of any experience level to look up service contract rates in a fraction of the time it takes for the conventional methods and without the customary margin of error. From the RateGuide, you can print a dynamic brochure showing the rate and coverage level for the specific plan you’re presenting and print the complete contract at delivery. The RateGuide is available for all service contract programs offered by Dealer Dynamics and even combines plans for clients utilizing more than one program, allowing you to identify the most profitable option.


The eMenu program allows our clients to print professional F&I menus quickly and efficiently for each and every customer. The menus are fully customizable, allowing multiple profiles to be stored for various deal types, such as new, used, finance, and cash. Menus can be structured with up to two terms and any number of different product combinations. Multiple print options and menu types are available for the menu presentation and menus can be stored for future reference.


For dealers who routinely fax, a great deal of time is spent manually faxing documents to lenders and customers. Oftentimes, these documents are first printed, which is costly, time consuming, and harmful to the environment. By partnering with eFax, DigitalDashboard users are able to fax documents, such as credit applications or service contract brochures, directly from the DigitalDashboard to either a single fax recipient or numerous recipients, which can then be stored as fax groups and used for future faxes. eFax provides a quick, easy and environmentally friendly method of faxing.

Laser Buyers Guides

A universal requirement of all automotive dealerships and something immediately visible to your customers, the buyers guide says a great deal about the vehicle for sale AND your dealership. Left with little alternative, most dealerships must resort to handwriting their buyers guides. Not only is most of this information redundant and the process time consuming, the end result is only as professional looking as the handwriting of the person doing it. With the DigitalDashboard, your dealership can laser print a clear, crisp buyers guide pre-loaded with your dealership information and the vehicle’s information, directly from your stored inventory. The buyers guides can be printed in seconds and can be reprinted at any time.

Laser Hang Tags

As a tried and true method of lot advertising, rearview mirror hangtags have been in use by automobile dealerships for ages. Most often, hangtags are purchased from various vendors and contain pre-printed slogans, like “Financing Available” or “Low Miles”. While these hangtags start out clean and legible, they’re often completed by whoever has the best handwriting and usually after several attempts. The DigitalDashboard allows you to maintain a clean, crisp look throughout the hangtag by printing the entire tag directly to a laser printer. Not only do you have access to all the familiar slogans, you can also create custom hangtags on the fly to say whatever you’d like.


The DigitalDashboard has your compliance needs covered and the tools to do so are integrated directly within the software to help streamline the process.  If desired, the system will prompt your users to complete Risk-Based Pricing Notices and print them automatically for delivery to your customers.  Additionally, Privacy Notices can be properly customized to address the unique configuration of your dealership(s) and print automatically upon delivery.

Registration Reports

Dealer Dynamics compiles hundreds of thousands of registration records each year for easy access by our users.  The dataset is robust and includes a wealth of useful information.  The resulting reports can be accessed, free of charge, on both the DigitalDashboard and our Auto Insight web site.

Parts & Service

The Parts & Service module of the DigitalDashboard allows service departments to quickly add repair orders for both retail customers and dealership inventory.  The repair orders can contain an unlimited number of line items, including recommend services that will follow the vehicle until the work is completed.  The system can automatically text and email customers upon the completion of their repair.  The Parts & Service module is completely integrated with the rest of the DigitalDashboard, so any repairs will automatically update inventory expenses and retail repairs will be listed in the customer’s history.  In addition, the module will track warranty & other third party payments, along with managing parts and inventory levels.

SiriusXM Integration

The SiriusXM Pre-Owned Program gives customers purchasing vehicles factory-equipped with satellite radio a FREE* 3-Month All Access Trial Subscription, courtesy of your dealership and SiriusXM. It’s the kind of added value your customers are looking for when buying a pre-owned vehicle.  The entire process is handled automatically by the DigitalDashboard.  Your inventory is uploaded nightly to activate the SiriusXM service for vehicles on your lot and the 3 month trials are activated as your vehicles are sold.  All with zero effort required by your dealership!

The full DigitalDashboard demo video above covers all modules. See below for details.

Module Start Times:

Home Screen Demo: 0 mins 0 secs
Inventory Management Demo: 4 mins 10 secs
Contact Management Demo: 26 mins 45 secs
Deal Management Demo: 36 mins 25 secs
Parts & Service Demo: 1 hour 01 min 20 secs
Menu Navigation Demo: 1 hour 29 mins 50 secs

The condensed DigitalDashboard demo video above covers the Inventory & Deal modules. See below for details.

The condensed DigitalDashboard demonstration video covers the inventory and deal management modules.

Module Start Times:

Inventory Management Demo: 0 mins 0 secs
Deal Management Demo: 18 mins 40 secs

DigitalDashboard Demos

The full DigitalDashboard demo is approximately one hour and thirty minutes in length. For your convenience, the video is broken up into modules. To navigate the available modules, skip ahead using the start times referenced in the captions under the videos.  A condensed version of the demo is also available. If you have any questions after watching the video, or have any difficulty viewing the video, please contact the support department.

*The demo is password protected. Please contact the support team or your sales associate for the password.

Contact us now to request access to the demo.

We look good by making YOU look good.

Dealer Dynamics takes the old adage, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” to heart.  We strive to provide our clients the tools they need to make lasting impressions with their customers.  From laser printed buyer’s guides to delivery paperwork, the quality of the documents that print from the DigitalDashboard is paramount.

Many independents and small franchised dealerships oftentimes find themselves at a disadvantage to their large competitors because they are unable to afford the sophisticated tools that allow those stores to produce impressive, professional looking documents and sales tools, like color F&I menus or used car window stickers.  Our goal is to level that playing field and, in many cases, give you the ability to outshine those franchised stores.

The DigitalDashboard has a myriad of tools that will have your dealership printing professional documents at the click of a button.  We’ve shared a few examples below to show what can be done at your dealership.

Hang Tag

Print bold, easy-to-read, and customizable hangtags right from your printer!

FTC Buyers Guide

Display clear, crisp FTC Buyers Guides by skipping bad penmanship and printing directly from a laser printer.

Window Sticker

In addition to the basic vehicle information, our letter-sized window stickers highlight the standard & optional equipment, fuel economy, CarFax info, vehicle reviews, facts & reasons to buy.

Follow-Up Letter

With iFollowUp, we print and mail follow-up letters like this for you.

Finance Menu

Our menu system is integrated directly within the deal, so as you make changes, the menu updates instantaneously.

Large Format Window Sticker

Print full size 11″x14″ Monroni-style window stickers for your used vehicles. Stickers include basic vehicle information, standard & optional equipment, fuel economy, CarFax information, remaining warranty, vehicle reviews, facts and reasons to buy.  

Wisconsin Buyers Guide

Display clear, crisp Wisconsin Buyers Guides by skipping bad penmanship and printing directly from a laser printer.

Save precious time with our partner integrations!

How many times are you entering the same VIN over and over again?  If that number isn’t zero, then you’ll want to learn more about our integration partnerships.

The DigitalDashboard integrates with a number of industry leading platforms and we’re constantly adding to our list of certified partners.  If you don’t see a provider you use, it’s usually just a matter of establishing integration between our platforms.  Dealer Dynamics does not charge for adding integration partners.


Featured Integrations

  • 700Credit
  • AutoCheck
  • Carbly
  • CarFax
  • CUDL
  • CVR
  • DealerTrack
  • DealerTrack RTS
  • DLRdmv
  • eFax
  • Omnique
  • SiriusXM
  • Vehicle Details

Inventory Integrations

  • AutoConX
  • AutoCorner
  • AutoJini
  • AutoRevo
  • CAPS
  • CarsForSale
  • Credit Acceptance
  • Databae
  • Dealer Car Search

Inventory Integrations

  • Dealer Specialties
  • DealerCue
  • DealerFire
  • DealerNetwork
  • DealersLink
  • DealerSocket
  • DeskLot
  • eBizAutos
  • Friday Systems
  • GoFinancial

Inventory Integrations

  • HomeNet
  • ReviewBuilder
  • V12 Software
  • Vast
  • vAuto
  • VinSolutions
  • Westlake Financial
  • Wheel’s for You
  • HigherGear
  • HomeNet
  • And Many More!

Want to learn more?  Contact us today.

For more information about Dealer Dynamics’ products & services or for any questions you may have, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

For additional contact methods, including our telephone numbers and email addresses, please visit our contact page by clicking here.

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