DigitalDashboard DMS is now integrated with the DLRdmv Titling & Registration Service

Dealerships using the DLRdmv Titling & Registration service can now connect electronically with the DigitalDashboard DMS. Dealer Dynamics is pleased to announce that our DigitalDashboard Dealer Management System is now integrated with the...


Dealer Dynamics’ Beach Party

Join us for a night of fun and appreciation.

On Saturday, June 23rd 2018 the Village of Pewaukee will hold its annual Beach Party Festival. The main street that runs through the downtown area borders the lake and is closed to vehicular traffic. The party goes on into the morning of Sunday the 24th for those that are conditioned well enough to last that long.  Dealer Dynamics’ offices are located on the main street in the heart of the festival activities and we are going to once again host an office party in conjunction with the Village Beach Party. What began as an impromptu party a few years ago has now become an annual event that each year seems to surpass the previous year in setting the benchmark for a good time and we anticipate nothing less than an outstanding gathering again this year.

Beach Party: Feel free to come and go from the office party down to the party on the street. Party with Dealer Dynamics, listen to the band, party with us, mingle with the crowd, party some more with us and make it a fun filled evening.

Location: Our offices are located in downtown Pewaukee directly across from the public beach. Click here for detailed contact information and a map of the area.

We are located on the west side of the office complex on the second floor. To enter go to the common access doors near the center of the building (brick façade) that have the 161 address displayed above them. The doors automatically lock on weekends, however there will be an attendant on duty to let you in beginning at 6 p.m. If you need to contact us on the day of the event for any reason, please call our Beach Party Hotline at (866) 936-6580 for assistance.

The Pewaukee Street Festival is an all-day event for those of you that would like to spend time at the Lake Front before our party. We look forward to seeing you that evening!





JUNE 23rd, 2018
6 P.M. UNTIL ????


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