Warranty Disclosure: Navigating Wisconsin’s Requirements

Recently, I had an interesting email exchange with a dealership client about displaying manufacturer warranty information on the vehicle’s Wisconsin Buyers Guide. Our DigitalDashboard DMS was preventing the dealership from displaying the remaining...


Dealer Dynamics is a partner in success with our dealership clients.

Dealer Dynamics has been supporting automotive dealerships and their F&I departments for almost three decades.

As a provider of aftermarket products, services, and technology solutions to automobile dealers, Dealer Dynamics has proven itself as an organization that solves complex customer needs with complete, future proof solutions that grow with their business.  From the F&I Department to the Service Department, Dealer Dynamics offers simple, effective solutions that can enhance or replace your existing process.

We have found several strategies to be paramount to our success. Strong leadership with a ‘lead by example’ philosophy, embracing and adapting to the change of ever evolving technology, and, most importantly, setting a standard of service by which all other providers are measured.  With almost thirty years of dealership consulting experience, Dealer Dynamics is a partner in success with our clients. Maximize your dealership efficiency and profitability with our technology solutions, aftermarket products and services.


Our Story

For almost 30 years, Dealer Dynamics has been supporting automotive dealerships and their F&I departments.  While so much has changed over the last three decades, the core principals of hard work, integrity, and shared success still permeate our company culture today.

In the beginning, our focus was bringing unique, highly profitable F&I products to the market and training F&I departments to maximize sales by capitalizing on these innovations.  Service contract features like extended eligibility for pre-owned vehicles outside of manufacturer’s warranty, while commonplace today, were revolutionary back then.  In a industry inundated with look-a-like products now, it’s sometimes difficult to remember GAP protection wasn’t commonplace in those days.

Growing Independent Relationships

As our presence in franchised stores grew, so did our reputation as a strong partner for independent dealerships.  While many of our peers pass up this segment of the market while chasing large franchised groups, we take great pride in our independent partnerships.  We have worked diligently for years in creating custom solutions for the pre-owned space.

As we spent more and more time working with independent dealerships, we realized it was very difficult for them to staff effectively to truly profit from F&I.  While owners understand the value, they are often too busy to do it themselves, not large enough to attract & retain qualified personnel, and even finding the physical space to do it can be challenging.

After training a revolving door of dealership employees over the years, we had a realization.  What if we did it for the dealer?  From this thought, our eFinanceDepartment program was born.  eFinanceDepartment has become a wildly successful program for dealerships to looking to maximize F&I profitability without the trappings of their own department.  Dealerships can then graduate to our OnSite program or eventually establish their own departments with our help.

Embracing Technology

For our eFinanceDepartment to function effectively and efficiently, sourcing the right technology was crucial.  When that technology didn’t exist, we had to create it ourselves and the DigitalDashboard was born.  Over the years, as more & more features were added to support our eFinanceDepartment, more & more dealers took note of how user friendly the software was to use.  After receiving numerous requests from dealerships who wanted to use the software outside of the eFinanceDepartment program, we decided to release the DigitalDashboard as a full Dealer Management System (DMS).

We’ve continued to add impactful features to the DigitalDashboard throughout the years and it now rivals solutions offered by major industry providers.  As an added benefit, and perhaps the most important one, the DigitalDashboard DMS is a FREE service we provide to our active clients.

Today and Looking to the Future

While the scope & breadth of F&I products may have changed over the past 30 years and technology now plays a critical role in day-to-day operations, we feel the relationships we forge with our clients are the true constant in our business.  Many of our client relationships go back to our first days and we hope they continue for years to come.  During this time, we will continue to introduce new & exciting profit opportunities to our clients while keeping pace with ever changing technology.

Our Mission Statement

Our goal at Dealer Dynamics is to maximize the profitability and growth of our dealership clients by providing them superior products, advanced technology, effective guidance and results driven training.

Dealer Dynamics is only as successful as our clients and there is nothing more important than our relationship with you.  We understand your business depends on the reliability of our products and services.  We do not take that responsibility lightly and strive to consistently deliver the quality you expect and deserve.

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For more information about Dealer Dynamics’ products & services or for any questions you may have, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

For additional contact methods, including our telephone numbers and email addresses, please visit our contact page by clicking here.

Dealer Dynamics partners and integrates
with a wide variety of industry leading companies.

Dealer Dynamics takes great care in forming partnerships with providers of only the highest integrity and utmost quality in products & services. Whether hardware, software, or professional services, Dealer Dynamics understands these partnerships are key to the proper implementation of our solutions and the success of our clients. Dealer Dynamics is pleased present the following list of our Valued Partner Relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Dealer Dynamics with the answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions.

For more information, or to contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation, click here.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Remote F&I service for both franchised and independent dealerships

The eFinanceDepartment program isn’t just for independents.  All the issues that plaque independents in creating and maintaining a high-level Finance Department are also problems at many small to mid-sized franschised dealerships.

Access to a team of professional finance managers

Sourcing, hiring, training, and retaining a seasoned, professional Finance Manager can prove to be very difficult.  eFinanceDepartment totally eliminates those issues by providing access to not just one, but multiple Finance Managers with no day off or demo required.

Insure legal compliance for your dealership

Helping sell more cars and creating a revenue stream for the dealership are very important, but so is doing it in the proper manner.  Part of our role is making sure your dealership is following State and Federal guidelines so you get to keep the money you make.

Equipping your store with the tools you need to succeed

Using our proprietary DigitalDashboard Dealer Management System, your dealership has all the tools you need to run a successful Finance Department.  Deals can be submitted electronically and printed at the click of a button.  Our goes so far as to print sample sheets along with your deal paperwork so everyone knows where to sign!

Introducing new lenders to your dealership

Your dealership can have the most talented Finance Manager, high-tech software and finest products around, but without the right lender relationships, you might as well close the doors.  eFinanceDepartment works with numerous lenders and looks forward to introducing them to your dealership.

eFinanceDepartment employs a simple, yet effective process

In a few east steps, your sales team can be sending deals to eFinanceDepartment and delivering vehicles.  Once the deal is submitted to eFinanceDepartment, either online or by fax, our Finance Consultants place the loan with the appropriate lender, contact the customer to discuss the terms of the loan & review product options, and notify the dealership the deal is ready for delivery.  Your salesperon simply contacts the customer to schedule delivery, prints the paperwork, has the customer sign, and delivers the vehicle!

Employment Opportunities


Dealer Dynamics is always looking for smart, driven, talented, fun-to-work-with people who want to make a positive and meaningful impact to our company. We offer competitive salaries and a great working environment.

Ideal candidates must have a strong desire to succeed and improve while working in a dealership environment.  Candidates must also possess excellent verbal and written communications skills along with professional presentation skills.  These positions require multitasking and the ability to be organized with a close attention to detail.

Prior automotive experience is preferred but not necessary as we offer training to qualified candidates, though we do require previous commission-based sales experience for some positions.

Dealer Dynamics offers aggressive pay plans with the opportunity for continued financial growth and upward mobility within our organization.  This is achieved through professional training by our experienced staff and continued mentoring throughout your employment with us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Finance Consultant

Our Finance Consultants play a crucial role in our success.  As members of the eFinanceDepartment team, they are largely responsible for our client’s finance department profitability.  It is the Finance Consultant’s job to guide customers through their aftermarket purchase options and are compensated based on their sales success.

Finance Coordinator

Our Finance Coordinators are responsible for supporting the F&I process and acting as liaisons between our finance team and dealership clients.  These responsibilities are mostly clerical in nature, but also require direct interaction with co-workers, our clients and consumers.

Office Administrator

Office Administrators play an integral role in the customer service and organizational strength of our company.  They provide administrative support, greet & direct visitors and respond to client requests. 

Account Executive

Our Account Executives are responsible for supporting existing clients and the aquisition of new accounts.

Want to learn more?  Contact us today.

For more information about Dealer Dynamics’ products & services or for any questions you may have, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

For additional contact methods, including our telephone numbers and email addresses, please visit our contact page by clicking here.

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