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Leveraging Credit Reports to Generate Leads with 700Credit

There is a reason so many dealerships choose to do business with 700Credit and its not just the credit reports…

700Credit is the largest provider of credit reports for automotive, RV, Powersports and Marine dealers in the US. And while 700Credit is trusted by so many dealers for reliable credit reports and seamless integration with their existing systems, its not all they do.  It’s the sophisticated tools they offer leveraging this credit data that truly set them apart.  From innovative prequalification and prescreen solutions like QuickQualify, to robust compliance tools and advanced identity verification like QuickScan, 700Credit offers a suite of services designed to enhance your dealership’s sales, efficiency and compliance.

Stay ahead in a competitive market with 700Credit’s cutting-edge technology and dedicated support. Whether it’s managing compliance, preventing fraud, or identifying new sales opportunities, 700Credit equips your dealership with the resources to succeed. Dive into their comprehensive suite of services to see how 700Credit can transform your dealership’s performance and drive growth. Keep reading to explore the full range of benefits that 700Credit offers and learn how they can help you achieve your business goals.


Credit Reports are the Tip of the Iceberg with 700Credit

The core of 700Credit’s offerings is their robust credit reporting service, which provides fast, accurate, and comprehensive access to detailed credit information from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. And while 700Credit may be the largest authorized reseller of credit reports from the three main bureaus, its their innovative products and services that utilize the credit data to leverage lead generation that sets them apart.

Uncover the Additional Advantages of Partnering with 700Credit

700Credit provides a wide range of solutions designed to enhance every aspect of dealership operations. Their advanced credit tools, including QuickApplication and QuickScore, streamline the credit application process, delivering fast, accurate information that integrates seamlessly with existing dealership systems. Their innovative soft pull solutions, QuickQualify, QuickScreen and Quick Prospect Renewal, allow dealerships to assess customer credit profiles without affecting their credit scores, improving lead generation and customer engagement.

Additionally, 700Credit offers robust identity verification tools to prevent fraud and secure transactions, like their QuickScan identification validation app. Compliance solutions like the Compliance Dashboard help manage regulatory requirements effortlessly, ensuring dealerships remain compliant with federal and state laws. Extensive integration with dealership management systems enable smooth workflows across various platforms, and the Mobile Dealer App provides instant access to essential tools on the go, ensuring dealerships can operate efficiently and provide exceptional service to their customers.

Dealer Benefits

Fast and Accurate Credit Reports

700Credit provides dealerships with quick access to detailed and reliable credit reports from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. These reports offer comprehensive information about potential buyers, helping dealerships make informed decisions rapidly. With seamless integration, these reports can be accessed directly within existing systems, saving time and improving efficiency. The speed and accuracy of 700Credit’s reports enable dealerships to serve customers better and close deals faster.

Lead Generation with Soft Pull Technology

Engage customers early in the sales process without affecting their credit scores using 700Credit’s soft pull technology. These solutions allow dealerships to prequalify leads and assess creditworthiness risk-free. By providing a way to check credit scores without impacting ratings, soft pull technology increases customer confidence and improves the likelihood of closing deals.

Effective Identity Verification

Preventing fraud and ensuring transaction security is crucial in today’s market. 700Credit’s identity verification solutions help verify customer identities quickly and accurately. This process builds trust with buyers and protects dealerships’ reputations. By leveraging advanced technology, dealerships can enhance transaction security and provide a safer buying experience for customers.

Enhanced Compliance Solutions

Navigating the complex landscape of federal and state regulations can be challenging for dealerships. 700Credit offers robust compliance solutions designed to help meet these requirements effortlessly. Their tools provide comprehensive support for managing compliance, reducing the risk of legal issues, and ensuring smooth operations. With 700Credit’s compliance solutions, dealerships can focus on selling while regulatory complexities are managed effectively.

Seamless Integration and User-Friendly Solutions

700Credit designs their solutions to integrate smoothly with existing dealership systems. User-friendly tools ensure a hassle-free experience, whether accessing credit reports, managing compliance, or verifying identities. Seamless integration and an intuitive interface save time and reduce the learning curve for staff, allowing dealerships to focus on serving customers and growing their business.

Learn More About the Extensive Credit and Compliance Solutions from 700Credit

700Credit offers a range of products & tools designed to streamline credit processing and boost dealership sales. Their comprehensive offerings provide fast, accurate credit reports, boost lead generation, integrate seamlessly, and assist in regulatory compliance.  Whether it’s navigating complex compliance requirements, verifying customer identities, or utilizing innovative soft pull technology, 700Credit ensures that dealerships have the necessary tools to operate smoothly and securely.  Discover how 700Credit can help your dealership improve operations and close more deals.

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Credit Report Solutions

700Credit offers comprehensive credit report solutions, providing dealerships with fast, accurate credit information that integrates seamlessly with existing systems. Their QuickApplication tool enhances the customer experience by allowing secure online credit applications from any device.

Standard Credit Reports

700Credit’s credit report solutions provide dealerships with access to comprehensive credit information from all three major credit bureaus—Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. These reports are available in multiple formats, including HTML, Enhanced, TTY, and Merged, and they deliver comprehensive data such as FICO® and Vantage scores, public records, and trade line information. This wide-ranging credit data helps dealerships quickly and accurately assess customer creditworthiness, making the sales process more efficient and informed.

Moreover, 700Credit’s solutions seamlessly integrate with dealership management systems, ensuring that all credit data is easily accessible and actionable. The inclusion of various report formats allows dealerships to choose the type that best fits their needs, enhancing the ability to make well-informed financial decisions.

Quick Application Web Form

700Credit’s QuickApplication is a web-based tool designed to simplify and secure the credit application process for customers. This solution allows potential buyers to complete credit applications online from any device, enhancing convenience and user experience. QuickApplication integrates seamlessly with dealership DMS & CRM systems, providing immediate access to credit files and streamlining the application process.

By enabling customers to control their application process, QuickApplication boosts customer engagement and satisfaction. It reduces the need for in-person interactions, allowing dealerships to process applications more efficiently and accurately. This tool not only improves the speed and ease of credit applications but also ensures data security and compliance, making it an invaluable asset for modern dealerships.

Prequalification & Prescreen Lead Generation Solutions

700Credit’s prequalification and prescreen solutions, including QuickQualify, QuickScore and Quick Prospect Renewal, enable dealerships to engage potential buyers early. These tools provide FICO scores and credit reports without affecting credit scores, improving lead generation and prioritization.

QuickQualify Prequalification

700Credit’s QuickQualify is a web-based prequalification tool that helps dealerships engage potential buyers early in the sales process. Requiring only a customer’s name and address, it provides a FICO score and a comprehensive credit report without affecting the customer’s credit score. This tool integrates seamlessly with dealership systems, sending lead information via text, email, and the Mobile Dealer App, and automatically updates the dealership’s CRM.

QuickQualify enhances lead generation by offering an easy, no-risk way for consumers to get prequalified, increasing the likelihood of completing credit applications. By providing immediate access to detailed credit information, it allows dealerships to assess and prioritize leads effectively, improving the efficiency of sales processes and helping to match customers with appropriate financing options early on.

Click here to learm more about QuickQualify.

Quick Prospect Lead Generation

700Credit’s Quick Prospect Renewal is a powerful tool designed to help dealerships identify and engage customers who are ready to buy. By continuously monitoring the dealership’s customer database, it detects key changes in credit profiles, signaling sales opportunities. These include individuals actively in the market, customers with high equity trade-ins, and those eligible for interest rate reductions or lease renewals. The system triggers instant notifications and automated marketing messages via direct mail and email, enabling dealerships to reach out to potential buyers at the right time with targeted offers.

This proactive approach not only boosts sales but also enhances customer retention by keeping dealerships connected with their client base. Quick Prospect Renewal’s ability to monitor and analyze credit file activities in real-time ensures that dealerships can act swiftly on new opportunities, making their marketing efforts more efficient and effective. This tool is essential for maintaining a competitive edge in the market, providing dealerships with a steady stream of qualified leads and helping them build long-term customer relationships.

Click here to learm more about Quick Prospect Renewal.

QuickScore Prequalification

700Credit’s QuickScore is a web-based prequalification tool that provides consumers with their Vantage credit score and dealerships with a comprehensive credit report. The solution requires only the consumer’s name and address, making it quick and easy to use. An engaging video guides the consumer through the process, offering immediate results including the TransUnion Vantage Score, national rank, pre-approved loan amount, and down payment.

Dealers benefit from receiving customer information via text, email, and the Mobile Dealer App, with the lead data integrated into the dealer’s CRM. QuickScore helps prioritize leads based on credit profiles, improve closing ratios by aligning customers with suitable vehicles earlier, and enhance overall dealership efficiency through seamless integration and user-friendly design.

Identity Verification & Compliance

700Credit ensures dealerships can manage regulatory requirements and prevent fraud with their Compliance Dashboard and QuickScan tools. These solutions offer robust compliance management and identity verification, helping dealerships maintain secure and compliant operations.

QuickScan ID Verification App

700Credit’s QuickScan is an advanced identity verification tool that ensures secure and efficient customer authentication for dealerships. Using a smartphone, QuickScan verifies the legitimacy of a customer’s driver’s license and identity in real-time, both for in-store and remote transactions. It includes features like driver’s license/document verification, selfie verification, synthetic ID fraud detection, and DMV look-up, all integrated into the dealership’s systems. QuickScan helps prevent fraud by providing immediate, reliable verification, enhancing the security of the sales process and customer trust.

This tool simplifies the verification process by capturing and validating customer information quickly and securely, storing non-public information in compliance with regulatory standards. QuickScan integrates with the portal and mobile app, ensuring that all captured data is readily accessible and can be automatically added to the dealership’s Digital Deal Jacket in their DMS. By leveraging QuickScan, dealerships can identify potential fraud early, improve operational efficiency, and provide a safer buying experience for customers.

Click here to learm more about QuickScan.

Compliance Dashboard

700Credit’s compliance solutions are designed to help dealerships manage and adhere to federal and state regulations efficiently. Their comprehensive offerings include tools for monitoring and automating compliance processes, such as Adverse Action Notices, Risk-Based Pricing Notices, OFAC searches, Red Flag ID verification, and privacy notices. The Compliance Dashboard provides a single view for managing these processes, supporting both single and multi-rooftop views to ensure consistent adherence to compliance standards.

By integrating these tools into their existing systems, dealerships can reduce the risk of legal issues and maintain smooth operations. 700Credit’s solutions also include Out of Wallet (OOW) questions for identity verification, which prevent fraud by validating customer identities quickly and securely. This approach enhances dealership security, ensuring compliance with regulations and providing a trustworthy experience for customers.

Just Looking for Credit Reports?  700Credit has you covered!

700Credit offers a wide array of advanced tools designed to enhance every aspect of dealership operations, however, if your primary need is just accessing reliable credit reports, 700Credit has you covered. Their core credit report solutions provide fast, accurate, and detailed reports from all three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Available in multiple formats, these reports include crucial data like FICO® and Vantage scores, public records, and trade line information.

These comprehensive credit reports seamlessly integrate with dealership management systems, allowing you to quickly assess customer creditworthiness and streamline your sales process. Whether you need HTML, Enhanced, TTY, or Merged reports, 700Credit ensures you have the critical information needed to make informed decisions and improve customer service. With 700Credit’s trusted credit reporting capabilities, you can focus on what matters most—serving your customers and closing deals efficiently.

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