Warranty Disclosure: Navigating Wisconsin’s Requirements

Recently, I had an interesting email exchange with a dealership client about displaying manufacturer warranty information on the vehicle’s Wisconsin Buyers Guide. Our DigitalDashboard DMS was preventing the dealership from displaying the remaining...

The 1st Quarter 2024 Wisconsin Automotive Market Data is now available to review by our registered members!  Remember, membership to our site is completely FREE and no payment information is required to enroll. To learn more about Auto Insight and see sample reports, click here, or subscribe now for free by clicking here.

What does the quarterly market data show?

Dealer Dynamics compiles hundreds of thousands of vehicle registration records each year for easy access by our users. The dataset is robust and includes a wealth of useful information. In addition to seeing what vehicles are selling in your city, county or around the state, it also includes basic customer information to identify whether customers are coming from in or outside your marketing area. The lienholder data is especially useful to see which lenders are active in your area and what types of vehicles they are financing.

What types of reports can be run?

Whether just looking for basic details or wanting to take a deep dive into the data, users are able to run custom reports utilizing the complete market data, allowing you to see specific vehicle and customer information. The data is also compiled to create a State Rank Report, which shows the sales rank of every dealer in the state, their previous rank, the total cars & trucks they sold in the State, total liens, and total out-of-state sales. The same report is run for lienholders, showing which lenders are buying the most loans in Wisconsin and where your dealership may be missing out on lender opportunities.

How do I get started!?

Accessing the market data is easy! By simply enrolling as a free member of our site, you’ll get instant access to the current quarter. Membership is completely free and no payment information is required to enroll.  To learn more about Auto Insight and see sample reports, click here, or subscribe now by clicking here.

Dealership Benefits

  • View valuable sales data, like customer location and purchase details (VIN, year, make, model & mileage)
  • See lender activity in your area and the entire state with the lienholder reports
  • See where customers are purchasing from and if they are traveling to/from your area and/or the state
  • See how your dealership ranks against all other dealerships in the State of Wisconsin
  • Keep tabs on your competitors by viewing details summaries of individual dealerships
  • See a dealer plate while driving down the highway? Have some fun and see more about their dealership!


*The data used in these reports is publicly available information and compiled to the best of our ability from a larger subset of data provided by the Department of Transportation. Any business decisions or inferences made based on the data provided in these reports are done so at your own discretion and peril. The rankings provided in these reports are based on estimates and in no way constitute an official or endorsed ranking of a dealership against its peers.

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