Dealer Dynamics understands that while having an efficient & profitable dealership is a common goal among our clients, there is not a single approach or solution that can be applied to reach this goal.  No two clients are alike.  Our associates realize that reaching this objective requires not just examining your individual operation from the outside in, but truly understanding your unique needs and how our solutions can be leveraged within your organization to maximize your efficiency & profitability.   Meeting your goals in a timely, cost-effective manner demands that our associates comprehend not only your dealership environment, but also the individuals and technologies that power it.

Once this baseline is established, the Dealer Dynamics team can propose a solution of products and services customized for your dealership.  We formulate a mix of products & services that fits within your dealership and not the other way around.  Once a plan is set in motion, we continually evaluate its effectiveness with your team and adjust accordingly.

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Highlighted Services

Dealer Dynamics' services are customized to suit the needs of your dealership.

F&I Training - training designed around the specific needs of your dealership

Proper implementation of a successful F&I Training program, combined with superior F&I products, is vital to the success of a dealership’s finance and insurance department.

Dealer Dynamics recognizes that there are two facets to F&I training. First is the ongoing training process that occurs each time one of our account managers visits, not only your F&I department, but your entire dealership. Our support and service does not end in the F&I office, but merely begins there. Our knowledgeable team of Account Executives are highly trained automotive professionals that work with numerous dealers on a daily basis. It is their responsibility to assess current market conditions, evaluate and implement new sales processes and, in essence, become your link to what is working in other dealerships in your marketplace, your state and across the nation on a daily basis. Dealer Dynamics’ personnel are trained to react to market conditions and provide your dealership with the tools you need to increase profitability.

The second facet of training involves an in-depth review of the entire F&I sales process and practices, and of not only the F&I department, but of all departments that have a responsibility on the road to the business office. Successful dealerships create a team atmosphere with all members working towards the common goal: Profitability. Along with Dealer Dynamics Account Representative, specialists are brought in to evaluate the dealership’s current selling system and make recommendations that will fine-tune the sales process and further increase departmental and dealership profitability.

DealerVision - Intimate, one-on-one F&I training

DealerVision provides intimate, one-on-one F&I training in the comfort and privacy of your office. Once dealership goals are established and an action plan is developed, training sessions are scheduled and conducted via webcam with an F&I training professional. The intimate sessions allow the trainer and trainee unfettered access to one another for personal one-on-one training. Success between classes is evaluated at the start of each session and the goals are modified accordingly. Once the initial training sessions are completed successfully, follow-up and refresher classes are scheduled for future dates.

eFinanceDepartment - Remote business department for dealerships not reaching their full F&I potential

As retail grosses slowly erode from the automotive landscape, F&I income becomes increasingly more vital to a dealership’s overall profitability. eFinanceDepartment maximizes the sale of every vehicle by capturing previously unforeseen F&I profit dollars without the complications typically associated with a traditional F&I office. By utilizing eFinanceDepartment, your dealership outsources your finance & insurance needs to experienced, professional finance managers who will maximize your dealership’s profitability on each and every deal. The simple process and easy to use software is designed to work at a dealership of any size and experience level. Click here for more information about eFinanceDepartment.

Customer Appreciation Programs - Turnkey appreciation program for competitive edge

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, any measures you can take to set your dealership apart from your competition are crucial. Dealer Dynamics’ Customer Appreciation Program is designed to help take that next step. Available in three unique themes, the Customer Appreciation Program can be totally customized to your dealership. While the base program includes 6 months of roadside assistance, 6 months of identity theft protection, and 24 months of vacation packages, you can amend the base program to include any additional products available from Dealer Dynamics, like a service contract, along with additional benefits from your dealership, like a free oil change or cash wash. Once developed, brochures are available on demand from the DigitalDashboard and fulfillment of the program happens at delivery. The possibilities are endless! Click here for more information!