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IndependentSolutions is a holistic approach used by Dealer Dynamics to help determine the best solutions for helping to maximize the efficiency and profitability of Independent automobile dealerships.  Historically, most aftermarket products, automotive technology solutions, and consulting services are designed solely with a franchised dealership in mind, leaving Independent dealers to make due by trying to fit a round peg in a square hole.  Adding to that, many of our industry peers focus their time almost exclusively on new car dealers and only visit independents they feel warrant their time.

At Dealer Dynamics, your Independent dealership is the focus of our day, not an interruption of it.  Early on, the Dealer Dynamics team identified that Independent dealers were grossly underserved in the marketplace and have spent over twenty years reversing that trend.  Through our extensive work with Independent dealers, we have pioneered programs like eFinanceDepartment, the DigitalDashboard, and our Customer Appreciation Pograms. We have also taken great care to choose aftermarket products that are flexible enough to meet the varying needs of an Independent dealership.  The products and services we provide work for Independent dealerships for a simple reason.  They were designed for Independent dealerships!

Our approach to working with your store is not about getting you to do things just like a franchised dealer.  We don’t even try to get you to do things just like other Independent dealers.  We evaluate how your dealership is currently conducting business, present thoughts and ideas that may improve your efficiency & profitability, and mutually decide how these ideas can work for YOUR dealership.  We understand your dealership is successful BECAUSE you’re not like everyone else.  Our job is to enhance what is already there.

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