As retail grosses slowly erode from the automotive landscape, F&I income becomes increasingly more vital to a dealership’s overall profitability. eFinanceDepartment maximizes the sale of every vehicle by capturing previously unforeseen F&I profit dollars without the complications typically associated with a traditional F&I office. By utilizing eFinanceDepartment, your dealership outsources your finance & insurance needs to experienced, professional finance managers who will maximize your dealership’s profitability on each and every deal. The simple process and easy to use software is designed to work at a dealership of any size and experience level.

eFinanceDepartment is a remote F&I service for both franchised and non-franchised automobile dealerships who are not reaching their full F&I potential. Oftentimes, these dealerships are faced with the difficulty of attracting experienced, professional finance managers, maintaining legal compliance with ever-changing state laws, properly equipping the department and locating lenders. Unfortunately, the creation of a finance department usually becomes impractical and cost prohibitive, leaving the dealership at a highly disadvantageous position in the marketplace.

eFinanceDepartment closes this gap between larger stores and our clients by providing professional F&I managers, legal compliance, required equipment and lender relationships in a simple and cost effective manner. Through the use of the Internet and our DigitalDashboard DMS software, eFinanceDepartment connects your dealership to a team of trained finance professionals who will work each of your deals with our extensive list of lenders. Upon approval of a deal, our finance managers will contact your customer, explain the terms of the loan, solicit any additional aftermarket products and finalize the transaction. Once completed, your dealership will be notified and the deal will be available for printing via the internet, which can be accomplished by any user with rudimentary computer skills.

eFinanceDepartment is a turnkey solution that, even within the first month, will provide your dealership with the financial impact of more dollars per delivery. Experience the power of more money today by contacting us today for a free, no obligation consultation by calling (855) 4MY-DYNAMICS or by emailing your request to info@dealerdynamics.com.



Remote Finance Department for Automobile Dealers
Zero Cost, Highly Profitable Program
Available Full-Time or On-Demand (Fill-In)
Maximize Profitability on Every Deal
Professional F&I Managers
Ensures Legal Compliance
Extensive Lender Relationships
Simple, Electronic Process