As you already know, maximizing the profitability of every vehicle sold at your dealership is critical to your success.   Of the various paths to profitability, an often passed over opportunity is the sale of aftermarket accessories, despite the fact that, according to SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association), accessories are a $40 billion dollars a year industry…

• …that enjoys a 7% annual growth rate even in a down economy
• 9 in 10 drivers (92%) buy accessories for their newly purchased vehicles
• 6 in 10 drivers (61%) spend more than $1,500 on their newly purchased vehicles…
• …and most will purchase the accessories within 90 days of purchasing the vehicle
• 3 in 4 customers (75%) prefer to purchase accessories at the dealership…
• …but most are never asked!

The majority of automobile dealerships do not engage their customers in the sale of aftermarket accessories.  Understandably, the implementation of a successful aftermarket department can be challenging and usually leaves a dealership with two ways forward.  Either invest the time & capital to facilitate the sale & installation of accessories in-house or create a tangled web of relationships with third party facilities to manage inventory & installations.  CustomConX provides a third option to capitalize on aftermarket accessory sales by providing advanced point-of-sale technology, procuring the aftermarket accessories, and facilitating the installation.

By leveraging the powerful capabilities of our DigitalDashboard DMS, Dealer Dynamics built the CustomConX program to provide a simple, streamlined process for the sale of aftermarket accessories by dealerships of any size.  From the initial presentation, through the sale, and concluding with the installation, the CustomConX program guides your dealership staff through the aftermarket process.  The net result is increased profitability for every retail unit and providing your customer with the exact vehicle they want at time of delivery.

CustomConX is a turnkey solution that will provide your dealership with the financial impact of more dollars per delivery. Experience the power of more money today by contacting us today for a free, no obligation consultation by calling (855) 4MY-DYNAMICS or by emailing your request to



Turnkey Sales Process
Advanced Point-of-Sale Technology
Procurement of Accessories
Facilitation of Accessory Installation
Tap into $40 Billion Retail Accessory Market