What Differentiates me from my competition?

There isn’t an Owner or General Manager that doesn’t frequently ask this question. Making your dealership stand out from your competition is the key to increased sales!  The BuySmart! program creates a compelling story for your salespeople to tell a customer and a clear, tangible reason to choose your dealership over a competitor.  All this, while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction by providing truly helpful services.

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BuySmart! Benefit Options

Customize the BuySmart! program for your dealership by choosing from these exciting benefits!

3 Month/3,000 Mile Warranty

While we hope the experience with your new vehicle is trouble free, your purchase also includes a limited powertrain warranty that protects you the moment you leave the lot. The limited warranty provides protection against engine, transmission and drive axle failure. In addition, it also provides protection for the water pump, alternator, and starter. It’s not just protection for your car, it is also peace of mind.

24 Months of Dent & Ding Protection

Paintless dent repair was developed for the auto industry by manufacturing teams utilizing special tools & techniques to push dented metal back to its original form. This process permanently removes door dings and minor dents without harming a vehicle’s factory finish. Repairs may be completed at a home, office or at the dealership. *Some makes/models excluded.

24 Months of Windshield Protection

8 Million Windshields are replaced annually in this country. You are covered for front windshield chips & cracks caused by propelled rocks or road hazard debris while driving on public roads, streets and highways. Repairs that can be performed at your home, office or the dealership whichever is most convenient for you. *Some makes/models excluded.

12 Months of Theft Protection

In the United States and Canada, vehicles are stolen at a rate of one every 40 seconds. Vehicles are stolen from grocery stores, shopping malls and parking garages every day. A car thief can steal a car in less than one minute. Your vehicle is permanently marked with traceable identification codes!

12 Months of Tire Protection

Avoid incurring unplanned expenses & enjoy peace of mind in knowing that you will not be stranded on the side of the road. Your vehicle has tire protection that covers repair or replacement for damage caused by road hazards that includes mounting/balancing and taxes. No limit on occurrences, no mileage limitations & no deductible!

12 Months of Key Replacement

With the SAFEKEY tab attached to your key ring you will never again experience the unpleasantness associated with replacing lost keys. SAFEKEY covers all keys on the your key ring, including those for cars, trucks, boats, trailers, RVs, and personal items such as jewelry lock boxes. safes, etc. 24/7/365 Vehicle & Home Lock-Out Assistance!

12 Months of Emergency Notification

Safe-Guard Alert notifies emergency personnel of member’s specific medical conditions and manages all necessary information in a secure database. A state-of-the art call center is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Decisions about medical care can be made more accurately & without delay when this information is available!

12 Months of Identity Theft Protection

8.1 million Americans were identity theft victims last year. Using a social networking site for five or more years makes you twice as likely to experience identity theft as newer users. If your identity is stolen, Identity Theft Protection provides you with a personal recovery advocate; a customized recovery plan and proactive follow-up for 12 months!

12 Months of Roadside Assistance

Should you experience car trouble, help is just a phone call away. Our Roadside Assistance program includes full 24-hour coverage, 365 days a year, anywhere in the United States. And best of all, it’s yours at no additional charge. In the unlikely event that you need to use it, you can count on assistance with hanging a flat tire, a jump-start, fuel delivery, towing, and even a locksmithing service.